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thank you for remembering the Monday blog! The post planned for this week is delayed, but we will circle back with stories from one of the first women to fly for the Marines next week. 

Grit Project QUOTES: In the meantime, please enjoy  the collection of quotes from many of our past, present and future profiles on the Grit Project Pinterest board HERE. Save them and share them and print them and use them for when you need extra inspiration! (Many are also up on Instagram if you don't mind a mix with other kinds of photos too)

Words to live by from LCDR Krysten Ellis, U.S. Navy

Words to live by from LCDR Krysten Ellis, U.S. Navy


Grit Project VIDEO: For an extra boost, we're collecting videos that will motivate you and your teams on Youtube, too, short words on grit and leadership from some of our profiles and my own take on legacy after meeting my first WASPs. Find them on my Youtube channel, The Grit Project Playlist.


Grit Project BOOKS: All of the books recommended by or written by our profiled women with grit are compiled on the Grit Project resource page. Visit it and order for the women in your life...or!


Grit is....

...courage, the determination to do what you want to do and succeed at it.  - Alyce Rohrer, WWII WASP

...personal courage. Always trying to do the right thing, not the popular thing, for the right reason.- Ann Dunwoody, first woman four-star general in the Army

...doing the right thing under tough circumstances. -Command Master Chief Patty Shinnick, U.S. Navy

...a certain mental toughness a person determines in advance of a difficult situation. -Alda Siebrands, Commander, U.S. Coast Guard

...a tremendous amount of self discipline. Reaching deep into the soul of your leadership and knowing you can do something you otherwise doubt that you can. -Becky Halstead, West Point's first female general officer

...continuing toward a goal even when it’s more challenging than you had anticipated.-Tammy Barlette, Air Force LTC and fighter pilot

...dogged determination in the face of difficult circumstances.- Shannon Huffman Polson, early woman army attack helicopter pilot

A good reminder from Adventure Grand Slam finisher Alison Levine.

A good reminder from Adventure Grand Slam finisher Alison Levine.


How can you share these resources today? What will you take with you?

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